Overview of the Report
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Introduction        Release Log        Revised Release Log Index
A Summary of my Qualifications and Background
Release Number One Introduction                        Release One PDF copy
An Explanation of the Discovery and Subsequent Analysis  on the lower page section
Lens Issues and Information   including Verifying the Lens
Foundation Material for the Digital Model
Camera Data for the Digital Model, which includes the seven camera positions and the comparison of the digital model to the film.
Comparing Other Site Photos to the Digital Model, for further validation the Model is correct.
Grading the Digital Model Object Match
The Digital Model Data Sheets
About the Photogrammetry Process, in non-technical terms
Model Data including the tree and objects described.
The Site Model, referenced to the Model Data Object List
Information on Texturing the models, for researchers interested in replicating the model. This includes the texture maps for download.
The Height Analysis Introduction
Testing the Optical Formula with both a 25mm lens and a 15mm lens.
Other Height Analysis Methods and Concerns for their Accuracy.
Scaling the Digital Model, which measurements were used, and how they correspond to the Digital Model
Site Measurement Discussion, necessary because the site measurements will inevitably be contested by reviewers of this analysis.
Looking Ahead to the next research phase, and work in progress now, plus a comment about the impact of this report and analysis
Trackway Issues, and a consideration of the challenges of trying to integrate the trackway studies of Bob Titmus to this Site Digital Model
The Site Model Data Forms, which contain the data needed to replicate this model in another 3D visualization software, for verification of my model, or other analysis